The lab is equipped with

  • In-house processing of histopathology samples.
  • In-House facility for Tru-cut biopsies.
  • Special stains - PAS, Alcian Blue, Methenamine Silver stain, Perl's stain, Congo Red stain.
  • Immuno histochemistry Markers - ER, PR, Her-2 neu, Cytokeratin, LCA, EMA & S-100.
  • Clones of standard strains and FDA approved companies are used.
  • Well trained and qualified pathologists with expertise in Oncopathology reporting.
  • Faster TAT.

The laboratory has two levels of Quality control measures in the department.

  • Two level Internal Quality control samples run with every batch of stains.
  • Inter Laboratory Quality Assurance Programs - ILQA.
  • Regular Internal audits to monitor out of control situations.